Uberlandia Bus Terminal 
Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, Brazil

SAS was commissioned to design a new bus terminal for the city of Uberlandia in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The project brief called for a terminal that could hold up to ten coach buses at a time and provide stores, public amenities, dressing rooms and lounge area for drivers and office space for the bus managing companies. Taking advantage of the pleasant tropical climate, SAS developed a scheme that brings together these programs under a single, open roof, covering an area of 67,000 square feet. Distributed into a series of small brick structures, the individual programs find their place in this generous open space, creating a free-flowing, yet organized, terminal. The buses circulate around this open area in an isolated two-lane street, pulling into the inner lane, which is covered by the roof, to pick up the passengers. The roof is composed of lightweight, insulated, aluminum panels, pre-fabricated and assembled on site. It is designed to allow for natural airflow and bring in diffused sunlight, bathing the open space and brick structures beneath. On the ground, a continuous concrete surface is molded to generate seating elements, planting areas, thin columns, and leveled platforms for the brick walls. 

Collaboration with Rizoma Arquitetura