Dia: Beacon
Beacon, NY
292,000 square feet

A 292,000 square-foot Nabisco box factory was converted into a museum of modern art for the Dia Center for the Arts. Design and construction spanned four years, and the museum opened in May 2003. The project is the first major public building for art, with Galia Solomonoff as a partner-in-charge.

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American Museum of the Moving Image
Queens, NY

Top-three finalist for the design of the Museum of the Moving Image.

Astin Jacobo Community Center

New York, NY

SAS was invited to compete in the design of a new community center and middle school in the Kingsbridge neighborhood of the Bronx. Our proposal was one of two finalists selected.

In response to a complex programmatic brief that included middle school facilities, community spaces, fitness areas, and a baseball field deployed over a compact urban site, we proposed a facility that would be easy to understand, easy to use, and become a center for the Kingsbridge neighborhood. The required programs accounted for almost all of the site’s square footage, leaving no room for the existing baseball field. Not wanting to condense the building into a multistory structure to make room for the field, we proposed a two-story building spread out over the entire site with the baseball field on top. The broad surface area of the roof would allow for rain water and solar energy collection for basic building operations, and the synthetic turf of the baseball field would serve as insulation for the spaces below.

80 Arts

Brooklyn, NY
35,000 SF

The Brooklyn Academy of Music Local Development Corporation (BAM LDC) retained OpenOffice to convert an existing 8-story laboratory building into an office building for non-profit arts organizations, including offices for BAM LDC. The project includes ground floor gathering spaces, a garden, and mid-building conference spaces available for public use, encouraging synergetic interactions among building tenants and the community-at-large.

Central Park North Condominiums + Church
New York, NY
52,000 SF

SAS is leading the design development of a new condominium building and church at the northern edge of Central Park, with both condominium and church programs intensively tailored to meet the needs of their respective constituents.

The project is purposely divided into two distinct volumes: the church base and the condominium tower, each having distinct requirements. The tower provides sweeping views over Central Park with a concise and generous layout for each apartment, while the base offers a dignified and generous relationship to the streetscape and neighborhood while preserving privacy for the church’s space of worship. A sober geometry and materiality were selected to suggest a quiet dignity for both the luxury of the residences and the sacred nature of the church, while also accommodating the economic demands of development and building in New York City.

Mount Moriah Condominiums + Church
New York, NY
50,000 SF

A private developer selected Solomonoff Architecture Studio to execute a design study to combine an existing church, built by the Rockefeller family, with 20 new luxury condominiums. Rather than demolishing the existing church structure, as originally proposed, our scheme retained the church as the basis for a fresh design approach.

Rather than undermining the elegant confidence of the original stone façade with a contemporary addition, or simply disappearing behind it, we proposed that the new building appear to “frame” the old building, giving it both a dedicated sense of belonging and a direct relationship with our new addition. The new addition—its exterior rendered in patterned precast white concrete panels and fritted glass—houses twenty residences divided over two mid-rise buildings separated by a generous and tall landscaped courtyard. The apartments, arranged to be broad, light-filled villas, offer generous yet economical layouts that simplify construction and enhance usefulness for residents. The open layouts suggest a contemporary way of living, and discretely tucking them behind the traditional church façade lends a sense of privacy and exclusivity to the new building.

Museum of Sex Cafe
New York, NY

Skowhegan Director’s Compound
Skowhegan, ME
3,000 SF

This 3,000 square-foot administration building for the Skowhegan School of Art, located in a rural area of Maine, was built from the ground up on a limited budget. The building houses the offices of the director and administrative assistants, an art supply store, snack kiosk, and computer facilities. It is used in the summer as part of an emerging artists’ retreat.

Triaxial with Steven Holl
Dongguan, China
200,000 SF

Triaxial Complex is a 200,000 square feet sport and recreation center within Steven Holl Architects Dongguan Master plan, in Dongguan Mainland China.

The Complex has two underground levels and two above ground level on top of a very large public salt water swimming pool. The lowest level has five movie theaters varying in capacity from 500 to 400 and 250-seats, and space for several food vendors connected to the continuous shopping mall proposed. The level immediately below the pool houses the changing room for an estimate 5,000 users, and an indoor spa with smaller pools and treatment rooms. The level of the pool is mostly open and continuous with the Public Park and street level master plan. Above the pool there two levels of sport facilities.
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