Japanese Restaurant and Bar
New York, NY
7,000 SF

For a renowned three Michelin Star chef, SAS designed the conversion of two floors of a landmarked cast-iron structure into a 125-seat high end restaurant.

The design commands over 7,000 square feet of dining and cooking spaces and features two open kitchens as part of the dining experience. Within a large double-height space, a new 70-foot long dining mezzanine has been suspended from the greater building’s structure, creating a dramatic architectural feature while accommodating additional dining space.

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Kaffe 1668
New York, NY
2,000 SF

Approached by two young investors to develop a café and small bakery, SAS quickly converted a generic commercial space in Tribeca into a two-level café with a small kitchen.

Central to the design concept was the clients’ desire to create a space that felt “industrial”, yet still welcoming to customers. A tall space and open layout was proposed so that the café would feel modern and airy. However, a focus on patinized finishes and antique lighting helped create a less typically modern atmosphere. Smoked and tinted oak floors and furniture, along with oiled steel fixtures, are combined with warm leather and pale plaster to suggest a materiality from a different time. The clients selected antique chairs and lighting fixtures as a compliment to the architectural atmosphere.

Colson Patisserie
Brooklyn, NY
1,500 SF

Seeking to create a friendly neighborhood café and bakery, SAS developed this corner site in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn for a Belgian pastry chef opening his first business in the United States.

Museum of Sex Cafe
New York, NY

Park Avenue South Lobby
New York, NY

Tillary St Gallery + Speakeasy
New York, NY
10,000 SF

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